Expat. Roasters is a wholesale specialty coffee roaster that services the whole of Indonesia and Australia. Our dedicated roastery team located in Bali and Sydney are roasting daily and are constantly undergoing cupping sessions and grading our coffees to ensure consistency. We partner with many venues and our products are delivered in a timely fashion, weekly.



Our coffees are selected from the finest growing regions from across the Indonesian archipelago. Personally curated by our roaster, sourced from individual farms, our production team are dedicated to bringing the best coffee available to our customers.

We roast all our products in our central roastery, using a combination of experience, technology and sensory evaluation to create outstanding flavours. We roast every origin separately in different batches with an individual profile before blending, ensuring every bean is roasted to perfection. Our QC strictly monitors all these processes, ensuring quality, flavour and freshness in every cup.

With a hands on approach, we work with farming families to constantly experiment and manipulate flavours by monnitoring terrains, soil, fertilisers, varieties of coffee plants and processing methods used. Our goal is to extract the best out of each bean and highlight their natural flavours by adjusting our roasting techniques accordingly to deliver world class specialty coffee.